WI0003 – Digital Vaccum Wax Injector (Bangle) ( moon eye)

WI0003 - Digital Vaccum Wax Injector (Bangle) ( moon eye)

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Specification :

  • Power supply : AC 220 V 50 HZ
  • Power : 500 W.
  • Inlet pressure : 0.5 Mpa
  • Temperature display : 40-99.9°C.
  • Wax injection pressure : 10-250 Kpa
  • Temperature setting : 40-99.9 C.
  • Mold pressure : 30-480 Kpa
  • Vacuum time :  0-99.0 seconds.
  • Wax nozzle pressure : 30-250 Kpa
  • Wax injection time : 0-99.0 seconds.
  • Hold time : 0-30 seconds
  • Wax melting volume : 3 KG.
  • Maximum plastic mold size : 140*50 MM
  • Size : 600 LX 320WX 680H(mm)
  • Net weight : 50KG.
  • Gross weight : 58KG.

1) Filter cleaning

When the machine is used for a period of time, the sundries in the wax will block the filter screen and affect the wax injection effect, so it should be cleaned in time.

① Put the wax out of the wax bucket first, open the lid and clean the bottom of the wax bucket.

②Use screwdriver to loosen the screws on the filter cover, and use tweezers to take out the cover and filter.

③ Use boiling water to soak the filter to remove debris. Burning the filter is prohibited.

2) When using this machine in areas with high humidity, add two or three more water filters after the air compressor. remove moisture from the compressed air and supply it to the wax injection machine. Too much water will cause bubbles in the wax.

3) If recycled wax is used, completely drain the wax in the wax bucket once a week or once a day. Wipe the wax bucket clean with a lint-free soft cloth, so as to ensure the wax in place.

Min Quantity


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