WI0002 – Round Wax Injector ( moon eye)

WI0002 - Round Wax Injector ( moon eye)

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Specification :

  • Power supply : 110 V
  • Power rating : 500 W
  • Barrel height: 295 mm
  • Thermostat range : 30~110℃
  • Max compressed air range: 0.30~0.70 MPa
  • Wax capacity: 1.5 KG

Features :

1. Equipped with pressure regulator with safety valve, wax drain spigot and double sealed no-leak nozzle.
2. The pressure can be adjusted according to the size of the product.
3. Temperature regulator, clear display temperature range (30~110℃).
4. Inner wax pot is made from special aluminum alloy material, aluminum ceramic-mica heating element.
5. Aluminum tank with fast and even thermal conductivity is provided for quick heating of wax, and it is easy to wash.
6. Could inject wax around the temperature of 65℃.
7. Liquid filled high sensitive thermostat, insures consistent accurate temperature.

Usage :

1. Connect the air pump and fill the appropriate amount of wax beads.
2. Turn on the machine and adjust the temperature.
3. Adjust the air valve on the side of the air pressure gauge to adjust to the proper air pressure.
4. The wax injection operation can be realized by simply pressing the rubber mold against the wax injection nozzle.
5. Please note: This machine need to work with wax beads and air pump, wax beads and air pump need to be purchased separately.

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