WM0001 – Welding machine(MOON EYE)

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WM0001 - Welding machine(MOON EYE)

Machinery product prices will be shared on request. Pls add to cart and place a order request to get the detailed specifications and price.

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The product description :

welding machine is suitable for jewelry manufacturers and jewelry processing shop necklace welding production (including ear hanging, bracelets, pendants, etc. circle welding) and jewelry line after-sales service, the machine only uses electrical energy, that is, exempt from the plant’s pipeline installation works and save money, and avoid the use of a variety of flammable and explosive liquids and gases and may cause danger, and small size, easy to carry, easy to operate, practical, practical, Has been widely used in domestic and Southeast Asian regions of jewelry manufacturers, reflecting well.

The main parameters :

  • Voltage: 220V 50Hz
  • Power: 35W
  • Size: 23.5X22X11.5cm
  • Suitable materials: gold, platinum, palladium, K gold, silver, copper and soft steel, etc


Min Quantity


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