CH0010 – Twisiting machine for Cross wire(MOON EYE)

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CH0010 - Twisiting machine for Cross wire(MOON EYE)

Machinery product prices will be shared on request. Pls add to cart and place a order request to get the detailed specifications and price.

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cross-twisting machine is after the development, twistable cross-shaped line village, with a large follow-up development and upgrading of multi-functional torsion machine, compatible with molds and the development of a variety of cutting accessories, can be processed out of the current more popular necklace style, wheat grain, peach and so on. When using only according to the needs of the production of style specifications to the machine to install molds and corresponding materials, after a simple adjustment, you can easily enjoy the fun of work. This is the company’s new model, suitable for jewelry industry processing, currently can make five different flower types.

Specification :

  • Power : 500W
  • Volume : 80x60x132
  • Weight : 125
Min Quantity


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