CM0005 – Zinc alloy melting furnace for metal casting machine (MOON EYE)

CM0005 - Zinc alloy melting furnace for metal casting machine (MOON EYE)

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Electrical furnace specially designed to be used to melt  alloy (zinc alloy and tin alloy) for rubber mold centrifugal casting purpose.

Capacity : 80 kg
Crucible : Casted iron
Power : 9 kw
Voltage : 380 V

Features :-

  • Automatic control.
  • Energy saving Insulated protection shield and head.
  • Safety circuit to prevent overheated.
  • Temperature rises rapidly.
  • Automatic consistent temperature control.
  • Appointment heating start/stop time.
  • Temperature: 600 deg; C max.

1. Centrifugal casting machine for produce.
2.Press mollding machine for rubber/silicon vulcanizer and forming mold.
3.Metal furnace for melting alloy materials.

1.It introduces Taiwan technology and adopts Taiwan heating wire
2.imported high quality fire brick, and insulation cotton. With rapid heating-up and excellent insulation can set 24 hours working by steps, and has strong corrosion resistance and full automatic constant temperature. It can save the energy and power, and is durable

Function description:

it is widely used for melting kinds of alloy and plastic materials.

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