CM0003 – Continuous Casting Machine  (MOON EYE – 3 K.G)

CM0003 - Continuous Casting Machine  (MOON EYE - 3 K.G)

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Specifications  :

  • Power supply : Three-phase 380 V
  • Power: 15 KW
  • Thermometric range : 1450 C
  • Metal capacity: 3 kg
  • Applied metals : Gold, silver
  • Casting method : Continuous casting
  • Used gas : Argon and nitrogen
  • Casting material type : Stripe shape material and pipe type material
  • Dimensions : 500*500*1500(mm)
  • water Cooler :3 p


Universal continuous casting machine,melting 1-10kg different capacity of metal,mainly for pipe,bar,sheet,profiled continuous casting,finised excellent results,high yield.the machine adopts gas protection and melting to proven the oxidation of metal .the casting under dynamic traction leads to the casting of high-density gold,K gold,silver,alloy and other precious metal profiles in a sort period of time.the casting profiles fully meet the requirements of deep processing.efficient and unique mixing induction heating,power is enhanced,melting metal uniform color,accurate digital temperature  measurement system,allowing the operator to easily control the casting of the best state of the metal;perfect self-safety fuselage system,is your long-term continuous protection,optional hydraulic shear,PC control and other functional peripherals,so that the whole machine more intelligent

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