BC0009 – Automatic Twisiting machine For Slice(MOON EYE)

BC0009 - Automatic Twisiting machine For Slice(MOON EYE)

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Automatic Twisiting machine For Slice(MOON EYE)

Cost-effective, utility-type jewelry necklace production equipment, specializing in the production of twists and twists, very fast, stable performance.

The product description :

automatic torque machine is the company in accordance with the development needs of the jewelry production industry, , carefully designed and produced a professional jewelry necklace twisting flower-shaped fully automatic forming machine, the principle of this machine and shape structure design reasonable, appearance and operation panel simple and generous, easy to operate, fast processing speed and product specifications flower-shaped precise and balanced.
When using, the staff only need to produce torsion specifications according to the steps for the machine mold and pre-prepared the corresponding specifications of the sheet, and the machine for simple adjustment, press the start button can easily enjoy the efficient creation of labor results of the work fun.

The main parameters :

  • Voltage: 220 V  50 Hz
  • Power : 80 W
  • Size : 62X 40X 40cm
  • Suitable materials : gold, platinum, palladium, K gold, silver, copper and soft steel, etc
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