BC0001 – K-Series semi-automatic chaining (MOON EYE)

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BC0001 - K-Series semi-automatic chaining (MOON EYE)

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Product Description :
Chain machine is the company’s new research and development of a set of hooks and welding in one of the professional jewelry semi-automatic production equipment, the machine uses part of the woven chain production equipment working principle, combined with manual feeding and braking control, step by step to complete different styles and colors between the buckle and welding, the finished product specifications consistent, hidden welding port, chain uniform smooth. And a person can complete two people’s work at the same time, greatly reduce production costs and effectively improve production efficiency, by jewelry manufacturers welcome and praise.


Main parameters  :

  • Voltage : 220 V   50 Hz
  • Power  : 75 W
  • Size : 34 X 40 X 28  cm
  • Suitable materials : gold, platinum, palladium, K gold, silver, copper and soft steel, etc
  • Material specification : 0.28-0.50 mm round line in diameter
    : 0.5-0.8 mm round line in diameter
Min Quantity


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